Bromance Banner
An observational comedy about modern dating and sexuality

Directed by: Matthew Aaron
Produced by: Matthew Aaron, Anthony Giuliano, Alex Loisi & Leonard Cannata
Co-Produced by: Patrick Tobias, Jake Webb & Patrick Wimp
Edited By: Matthew Aaron
Music by: Scotty Yorde
Cinematography by: Patrick Wimp & Ross Heran


Matthew Aaron
Matty Ryndak
Leonard Cannata
Lee Kepraios
Michael Terzo
Chuck Salvatore
Mike Rubino
Melissa DuPrey
Sarah Brooks
Wendy Orlando
Kyan Loredo

Runtime: 97 Minutes
Rating: Unrated


A straight man experiments with his sexuality after meeting a gay man on an app.

A week in the life of a internalized homophobic millennial who befriends a new to the city, naive, gay man.


Bromance explores the quick rise in a friendship between two unlikely mates. A straight man, David (Matthew Aaron), has become bored with everyday life. His friends never want to do anything fun and the conversation isn't very deep. Stark (Matty Ryndak) is a gay man exploring life in the city of Chicago while living in the suburbs. Consistently in an off again, on again relationship with Brian (Mike Rubino), Stark is giving up hope on meeting someone that offers more than just sex.

In meeting each other, David's life is no longer boring. He's having conversations about a community he knows little about, he's going to gay clubs, he's dressing in monkey onsies! Stark has finally met someone he thinks is more about developing a bond than hot sex and partying

This ultimate fish out of water scenario explores the relationships between men who label themselves as complete opposites while also asking the question "are labels necessary?" What happens to a man in that moment where he questions his sexuality? How will David's hyper-masculine, Italian friends handle the situation?

Bromance is based on director Matthew Aaron's experience with experimentation and friendships within the gay community.