Ep. 105 | Christopher Titus

Ep. 105 | Christopher Titus

Comedian/Writer Christopher Titus stops into Detroit Coney Dog LA for The Matthew Aaron Show live this Tuesday (5/8) afternoon starting at 4pm PT.

Chris will be joining us to discuss how he got his start in comedy, TITUS PODCAST & his new DVD box set GET A REAL JOB, NUMBNUTS.

The fun starts at 4pm PT (6pm CT / 7pm ET.) Stop by Detroit Coney Dog LA and see us, otherwise subscribe for free and download the show on APPLE PODCASTS. You can also listen on the go on your Android/iPhone/iPad device via SPOTIFY.


CHRISTOPHER TITUS, since 2004, has recorded four 90 minute comedy specials. And now the prolific comedian who has been labeled “hard funny,” has collected together all four of those stand-up specials in a brand DVD Box Set called GET A REAL JOB, NUMBNUTS, which is available exclusively fromwww.christophertitus.com

GET A REAL JOB, NUMBNUTS (Norman Rockwell is Bleeding, Fifth Annual End of The World Tour, Love is Evol and Neverlution) is a four disc comedic journey through the center or a psyche damaged by so many issues that Titus should have a therapist on call. GET A REAL JOB, NUMBNUTS set shows us one of the best comedic minds working today.

Titus can currently be heard on his own weekly podcast appropriately called the TITUS PODCAST, whose motto is "Never unbiased, always unbalanced." The show can be heard by going to www.tituspodcast.com.

After years of experimentation with dark and personal storytelling, Titus premiered his one-man show Norman Rockwell is Bleeding at the Hudson Theater in Los Angeles. It was from this performance that the dark comedy, Titus was born on Fox. The show earned Titus a Writer’s Guild nomination as well as an Emmy nomination, and Newsday called him “TV’s most original voice since Seinfeld.”

His second show, The Fifth Annual End of the World Tour, was released in 2007 to rave reviews. Titus tackled such difficult issues as the Iraq war, racism, pedophilia and even his father’s unconventional and ridiculous funeral, where he, with his brother and sister’s help, spread his father’s ashes in a casino. These are issues most comedians would run from, but Titus never walks into the familiar.

Love is Evol deconstructed relationships in a way no comic has ever attempted. Titus wades into domestic violence, plastic surgery, custody and all aspects of the nightmare relationships that made him question the existence of God. Then, his new girlfriend helped him reconfirm it. This groundbreaking comedy special premiered on Comedy Central on Valentine’s Day. The album and DVD were released on February 15th, 2009. Titus claims that “This show will either fix your relationship or destroy it, and either way, you’re welcome. If my comedy ends your relationship, then it needed to end.”

For his last special, Titus calls for a revolution to restore America to greatness and save it from slipping into Neverlution. Opening the show with a quote from Thomas Jefferson, "Every generation needs a new revolution," he compares the great generations of the past with his own – “The Prozac Generation.” Titus rants and rails on coddling parents, obesity, fear mongering in the news, prescription medications and trophies for the losing team. Neverlution premiered on Comedy Central on July 3rd, 2011.

Inspired by such greats as Woody Allen, Steve Martin, and Cosby, who wrote, directed, produced and performed, Titus has sold ideas to NBC, ABC, FOX and Comedy Central. His pilot Special Unit which is about four disabled detectives is edgy and laugh-out-loud funny. Titus describes it as The Shield with handicapped people” and is shooting for film production in 2012. His script Five Seconds has been optioned by High Road Entertainment and is slated for a 2012 release.