Ep. 180 | Zoe Bell

Ep. 180 | Zoe Bell

Award-winning Stunt Woman turned Actress Zoe Bell (Raze, Oblivion, Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2...) joins us on The Matthew Aaron Show this Wednesday (12/18) as we broadcast live from Chicago  starting at 5pm PT.

Zoe joins us live to discuss her unique career as one of Hollywood's most sought after and respected stunt women, how she made the transition into acting, as well as her new film RAZE which she does double duty as star and producer. "Raze" hits select theaters as well as VOD and iTunes on January 10th.

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ZOE BELL, A native of Waiheke Island in New Zealand who became a seasoned gymnast and martial artist on an international scale, began her career as the stunt double for Lucy Lawless in the cult sword-and-sorcery television show Xena Warrior Princess. Shortly after the show was cancelled, Zoë made her way to Los Angeles and appeared in a documentary about stunt women called Double Dare. It was during this time that she was spotted by talent scouts for Quentin Tarantino and invited to audition to be Uma Thurman’s stunt double on Tarantino’s Kill Bill Volume One and Two. Zoë earned the role handily. After nearly a year shooting in California and China, where most days consisted of sword fights, body burns, karate, and all-out pugilism, Zoë emerged as one of the most sought after and respected young stunt women in Hollywood. This resulted in stunt work in such movies as Catwoman, Poseidon, and The Kingdom.

During this time, unbeknown to Zoë, Quentin Tarantino clued in to her natural and instinctive acting talents and devised some of his own plans for her, casting her as herself in 2007’s grind house movie Death Proof. Naturally, she did her own stunts. Her performance was hailed by critics and fans alike, and Hollywood had a new leading lady — with the skills of one of the world’s greatest stunt performers.

While stunts are Zoë’s first love, her acting career has continued to flourish, with a cameo in Django Unchained and a role opposite Tom Cruise in the sci fi epic Oblivion. And since Death Proof, she has also appeared in television shows Lost and CSI Miami, as well as the movies Bitch Slap, Whip It, The Baytown Outlaws, and Gamer, and the web series Angel of Death, in which she starred. And in addition to her many talents and achievements, Zoë has also become an accomplished producer, with RAZE, her debut feature, premiering in the Midnight Section of the Tribeca Film Festival and opening later this year.