Ep. 295 | Jay Washington

Ep. 295 | Jay Washington

Comedian/Podcaster/Actor Jay Washington (Landline, Chi-Raq...) joins us on The Matthew Aaron Show this Wednesday (6/10) as we broadcast from Chicago.

Our good buddy Jay is with us to discuss his experience working on our film LANDLINE, stand-up comedy, Black Lives Matter, protesting, wrestling, Jay's podcast THE MAD TITAN and a ton more.

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JAY WASHINGTON is a professional wrestler turned stand-up comedian,  You've seen Jay perform all over the country in comedy clubs everywhere.  Jay Washington made a name for himself as he has performed at, created and host monthly events, including "Laughing Insanity", at the world famous Laugh Factory in Chicago. Jay has traveled the country headlining and featuring on various stages at comedy clubs and venues.  His energetic personality and quick with have allowed him numerous opportunities to be showcased on film. He has also been featured on various podcasts, various commercials including. He has been heard on Sirius XM, Seen on Collider Video, the Nerdist network. He is, current host of the Mad Titan Podcast and The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast. He can also be seen in the Spike Lee Joint "Chi-raq" "Imperfections" and many others.

Jay recently starred in the film Landline, which you can see now on Amazon Prime, Tubi and other streaming services.